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After working in the construction & decoration industry of the Netherlands for many years, we have practical experience and cases in business office decoration, family house decoration, restaurants decoration, and entertainment venues decoration. So, we know your needs and ideas more than anyone else. Meanwhile, we hope to help you reduce unnecessary expenditure, realistically take your decoration budget into consideration, and take pains to deliver the perfect design for each project.

To projects
Effective communication
We believe effective communication with clients is the first and most important stage of service. We will listen to your needs, and provide you with professional design advice and construction plans through direct, effective communication, whether you are an individual or a company, whether you want to decorate your business office, your house, or other venues.
Safe construction
We prioritize the security of construction and the quality of projects. For the past several years, we have built a professional, committed construction team. The technical and construction staff we have are highly experienced and specialized, responsible for the water systems, woodwork, electricity system, etc.
Coordination & cooperation
We believe in the strength of cooperation and coordination. To produce a one-stop, high-quality service, to tackle the difficulties and challenges in the projects, we flexibly cooperate with third-party platforms to find you the optimal solution. And we will expand the number of third-party partners, including material dealers, professional designers, engineers, etc.
One-stop Service

Recently, with the development of society, services of different industries are becoming increasingly humanized and systematic. Therefore, in the decoration market, “one-stop decoration” renounces the world splendidly, becoming the inexorable trend of the market and the final concept of different well-known decoration companies that embody humanity.

“One-stop decoration” service means: to provide full set decoration services that make the house fully furnished and ready to live. After drafting the early-stage design plan, staff will offer integrated services including basic decoration, decoration materials purchase, integrated home system installation, soft decoration, home appliances delivery, etc. By gathering needs, offering all-inclusive services, purchasing in groups, etc, we constantly optimize our full set service chain, so while our clients can enjoy “money-saving, time-saving, strength-saving and worry-free” services, we consistently perfect our cooperation mode and system.

What does “one-stop service” include?

1. Basic decoration:
Water system, electrical system, waterproofing work, wall painting, suspended ceiling, tiling, etc.

2. Main decoration materials:
Floor, tiles, sanitary fittings, bathroom accessories, hardware fittings, integrated ceiling, etc.

3. Integrated home system:
Wood doors, cabinets, storage system, bathroom cabinet, decorative walls, etc. Through systematic customization and design, the style, materials, colors, and quality are integrated.

4. Interior decoration (soft decoration):
Movable furniture, curtains, bedding, lamps and lanterns, decorative pictures, floriculture, accessories, etc.

5. Furniture:
Home appliances related to decoration such as extractor hood/smoke exhaust ventilator, cooking bench, water heater, water purifier, disinfection cabinet, oven, air conditioner, etc.

Advantages of
“one-stop service”?

1. Make decoration easier
1) We make our clients feel convenient and carefree. You only need to confirm the design style, brands of construction materials, and then you assign the construction management, logistics, installation, quality control, environmental protection, after-sale service, etc to us. Over 30 technical staff of our company will take care of the job for you.

2) All the projects we completed have a three-year after-sale guarantee.

2. More time-saving
1) We adopt the “basic decoration + main decoration materials + integrated home system + soft decoration + home appliances” integrated service, you don’t need to worry about having to run around here and there.

2) The integrated service chain will save you much time and enable you to enjoy your happy life.

3. More money-saving
We adopt the advanced F2C (factory to consumer) model. Our factory partners will manufacture high-quality products customized for you and will install them in your house directly. The shortest circulation path makes the price 30% lower than the market price, so you can enjoy the highest quality service at the lowest price.